Adventures in Parenting #27: Evolution of Sneezing

Recently, Cooper caught himself a little cold. We've been very lucky up to this point as our little King Baby hasn't really been sick whereas I'm told the average infant comes down with 6-12 minor colds/illnesses a year. The onset of this cold, however, couldn't have come at a worse time as he was scheduled to get his four month shots (in his return to Baby Gitmo) the day after he took sick and we were headed out of town for vacation the day after that. Nevertheless, the cold came and like any good parent, I put all of my time and attention into caring for the little guy without a second thought for my own needs. Nah, I'm kidding, I took pictures of him sneezing because I thought it would make for a funny blog! And I was right. So I present to you, without further comment, the evolution of sneezing. IMG_1411b






Happy Cold Season, Brian