Adventures in Parenting #50: Halloween

Last year being Cooper's first Halloween, we put a great deal of time and effort into trying to make it a good one. This makes a lot of sense considering he was six months old and literally just sat there the whole time but hey, that's what first time parents do. Also we totally mailed in his first Christmas (here's a link to that wonderful story, including our trip to Applebee's) so we probably made up for it. This year, though, not so much. We're tired, you guys. Between walking and developing opinions on things and like, having seizures and stuff, this kid is exhausting. Lindsey and I have both been swamped at work, too, and I've been prepping for a shoulder surgery and thus, Halloween just kind of got here.  As such, last year's awesome and well-planned out "E.T. and Elliot" costume gave way this year to, "Ugh, I guess he could just be a basketball player." And so that's what Cooper was. He needed a costume for his Halloween party at YCW (his primary pre-school) and of course the big night itself. So we went to Academy and purchased a new Dirk jersey (that cost more than most of the clothing items I own but whatever) for him and BAM! costume. Truthfully, this is really just Cooper following in my footsteps because I was very often a basketball player for Halloween as that required no effort on my part, which is really all I ever wanted in a costume after the age of 10 or so. (This is why my current go-to Halloween "costume" is a Chewbacca t-shirt, much the same as my go-to 80's party "costume" is a Goonies t-shirt and my go-to 90's party "costume" is a Nirvana t-shirt.)

In true "Just give the kid a box instead of the toy inside the box" fashion, Cooper could not have been happier with his new costume. He threw a fit when I took it off him in the store so that it could be purchased and when he donned his outfit again the next day, he strutted around sticking his belly out. He could not have been prouder. It was as if the spirit of Dirk Nowitzki had come over him through the jersey. Suddenly he WAS Dirk and the world needed to know that he's big stuff. As an added bonus, Cooper got to take his basketball with him to YCW on Thursday since it fit with his costume and I'm sure he spent the entire day yelling, "Ball! Ball! Ball!" to the annoyance of all his little friends.

On Halloween proper, his Friday school didn't have a Halloween party (because apparently we send him to a school for the Amish) so his jersey was left at home and replaced by a tuxedo t-shirt. Because we want to make sure his school knows this kid likes to party and might possibly live in a trailer park. When he returned home, he donned a plastic top hat that he picked out demanded at Target the week before. I mean, look at that face!

photo (4)

For the evening portion of our Halloween, Cooper engaged in the following activities:

1.) He shot some hoops. This seems only fitting given his costume but it's also his way of getting things turnt. We're basically a Jock Jams CD and a strobe light away from the full on NBA arena experience over here.


2.) He walked around in jersey but without pants. Just like the real Dirk Nowitzki, I imagine.


3.) Every time a trick or treater showed up, he helped pass out candy (albeit a little begrudgingly), tried to make friends, and then collapsed into a puddle of tears when they turned and walked on to the next house. Every. Single. Time. Poor kid. He thought this was a trade off sort of event. Kids come to the door, he gives them candy, and in return, they come in and become his best friends for life. Sorry to disappoint, bud.

4.) He ate his shoe. Also a thing I imagine the real Dirk Nowitzki does after a tough loss.


5.) He became a hot mess and ended up spacing out in his mom's lap. Seriously, why in the world did we think this little booger who usually goes to bed at 7 could stay up until 8 or 9 in the midst of all this excitement and not-forever-friend-making and keep it all together? At one point he just started wandering around the room being busy with a look on his face that said, "I have no idea what I'm even doing right now."


Shortly afterward, I asked him if he was ready to go to bed and whereas he usually puts up a fight at the mere suggestion of this question, for once he agreed and went to bed with only a hint of a whimper. Probably over all the friends he didn't get to make that night.

We didn't even get to go egging, Brian