Adventures in Parenting #41: Things My Son Has Put in His Mouth

At the end of the month, the King Baby will become the King Toddler. My, how time flies when you're not sleeping having fun. Over the last year, Coop has developed several hobbies. He loves standing, as noted in my last post. For a while, he was obsessed with playing peek a boo. His new bit is pointing at all sources of light, whether natural or artificial. He's always impressed by the console light in the car. But by far his longest lasting hobby and the one to which he dedicates the most time to, is his love of putting things in his mouth. So today I present what basically amounts to a picture diary of some of the ridiculous things this child has shoved in his mouth over the last 11 months and counting. His own finger, like 10 days after birth. Coop3b

My finger. IMG_1268c

His playmat elephant. IMG_1648

This book Santa brought him for Christmas. DSCN1060

A plastic place mat we put down to keep him from chewing on a restaurant table (which lasted all of 6 seconds). IMG_1630b

A water bottle, his favorite chew toy. IMG_1692b

A toy car, in his Santa costume because when Santa gets done with all that toy delivering, he goes a little insane. IMG_1707b

His own shoe. IMG_1745b

The draw string on a friend's jacket. IMG_1807b

Again, his own hand but this time in a really creepy way. IMG_1299b

An unused diaper (not that used diapers haven't made their way in this direction at one point or another). Pic1b

A Christmas box. DSCN1073

This toy hammer that totally does not belong to us. IMG_1926b

A bottle of saline solution or possibly glue. IMG_1987b

A used band-aid after getting his blood taken. photo (2)b

What I think is a bubble mailer envelope but really I'm not sure. IMG_1718b

A plastic cup that makes his face look like The Joker. IMG_1667b

All of his Christmas presents. DSCN1079

Again, his own finger but this time sarcastically after he'd been told not to do it. photo (3)b

His pacifier clip. IMG_1633

And finally, his favorite thing in the entire world, Lindsey's cell phone. photo (4)b

I have no picture of his putting the dog's ear in his mouth but yeah, that's happened, Brian