Adventures in Parenting #23: Four Months

Earlier this week, our little bundle of grumbles crossed another milestone off the list by managing to get himself to the four month mark. Actually, let's be honest, he did almost nothing to get here. Really we should be celebrating the fact that Lindsey and I, two of the most anti-baby people in the world, have kept him alive and well for this long. What were the odds? Since most of you are here only to see pictures of my son, I'll get right down to it, with only a brief aside for an observation. That observation being, I had no idea that this kid was such a beast. I've joked before about his large head (99th percentile, yo!) and the running bit around our house concerns the Buddha Belly he develops after eating. But I didn't realize it went beyond this until the past weekend when, at a party, we were confronted with another four month old baby whom Cooper absolutely dwarfed. I mean, if we were to start a baby fighting ring and matched these two against each other, Vegas wouldn't even give odds on the fight, especially if they discovered Cooper's propensity for cannibalism. I guess I hadn't realized how big he is because A.) I hadn't really paid attention to another baby in, like, 20 years and B.) The other babies that I'm around on a regular basis are two to six months older than Coop and thus set the mark for how big a baby should be. But all it took was about seven seconds in the presence of another four month old to recognize that my kid is a beast and as such, his P90x sessions will begin shortly.

Here's the official four month shot:


And here's another just for good measure. Notice he is NOT sticking his tongue out and smiling at the camera as he was both before and after I snapped this shot and keep in mind, this little game of "look how cute I am...haha, just kidding, now that you're going to take a picture I'm just going to lay here" went on for a solid five minutes. Thanks, pal.


Are there weight divisions in baby fighting circles?