Adventures in Parenting #19: Newborn Pictures

Recently I've had more than one person tell me something along the lines of, "Yeah, your writing is great and all but I really just want to see pictures of your baby." Fair enough. If you're one of those people, today is your lucky day. Just remember to spread the word about this place since I've given you everything you've ever wanted. Shortly after Cooper's birth, we had our friend Brooke Ogilvie out to shoot a newborn photo session. Brooke also did our engagement and wedding photos and she is fabulous. You can and should find her work here and you can and should hire her for your next wedding, birth, Bar Mitzvah, regular Tuesday evening, etc. I'm thinking about having her come out to document my fantasy football draft next week. Anyway, Brooke took a ton of great pictures and these are some of them. You're welcome, America.

A look of far off wonderment:


Here's his "What you talkin' about Willis?" face:


Posing with a block containing his vital birth info:


Smiling in his sleep:


Napping in his crib (this hasn't happened since):


Baby and Mom:

bophotography-24 (2)

Father and Son:



bophotography-27 (2)

Happy little (sleepy) family:


I call this one, "Baby on a blanket in a basket with a beanie on his head":


Posing with his Tim Riggins jersey:


And, of course, a Red Bull:

bophotography-49 (2)

Exclusive rights for the tabloids are available, Brian