Adventures in Parenting #14: Two Months

Haven't had as much time to write about Cooper's shenanigans the last few days but I'll be back strong soon. Rest assured he is still both alive and at least relatively well so I consider this a success. Today we celebrated his two month birthday. And by "celebrated", I mean we made him take a bath cleaned his face to make him look like he's clean even if he isn't and forced him to sit for three dozen pictures. Here's one of the better shots:


Note: He farted at least five times during the production of this photo.

With two months under his belt, this little guy is changing every day. While he's still so tiny in comparison to other babies, he's basically out of the newborn stage now and the differences between him now and even a week or two ago are staggering. Among the many changes and new skills that Cooper has been exhibiting lately, by far my favorite is his propensity for giggling. I'm still not sure that he's laughing at my jokes or just making a noise but we'll find out soon enough. I've got a killer joke about Twilight that I know he's going to love. Also, this giggle sounds an awful lot like a tiny machine gun so I've been calling him Machine Gun Kelly. That seems appropriate.

I'd also like to note that all of you are jerks for not telling me how quickly these things grow up! I'm kidding. All of you told me that. Strangers in Target told me that. A homeless guy told me that. But for reals, yo, the fact that this little guy has already been around for two months and has already grown up SO MUCH is kind of ridiculous. Next thing I know he'll be talking and walking and smoking running amok through the house.

I already feel old, Brian