A Life In Movies

Fandango Groovers Movie Blog is hosting an event called "A Life in Movies" this weekend. The idea is to list your favorite film from each year of your life. This is my entry and I encourage you all to head over to Groovers and check out the full project. Some pretty cool lists out there.

1983 - "Return of the Jedi" - Easiest choice on the list. If I'd been alive in 1977 or 1980, "Star Wars" and "Empire" would top those years as well.
1984 - "Ghostbusters" - Not a great year for movies all around but "Ghostbusters" is still a comedic classic and probably has my favorite Bill Murray performance.

1985 - "The Goonies" - Tough call between "Goonies" and "Back to the Future" but I had to go with my heart. Goonies R Good Enough, after all.

1986 - "Stand by Me" - The quintessential coming of age film in my opinion.

1987 - "The Untouchables" - Sure, it's a bit over the top at times but "Untouchables" has two or three of my all time favorite scenes. The train station shootout...amazing.

1988 - "Die Hard" - Greatest action movie ever. 'Nuff said.

1989 - "When Harry Met Sally" - Debated between this and "Batman." In the end, "WHMS" is my favorite romance ever and "Batman" is slightly overshadowed by "Dark Knight."

1990 - "Home Alone" - The most quotable film of my lifetime until "Anchorman."

1991 - "Terminator 2" - Not a lot of choices for '91 but this is definitely one of the best sci-fi action movies ever. Arnie's best?

1992 - "Patriot Games" - There's just something awesome about Harrison Ford and Sean Bean trying to kill each other.

1993 - "Jurassic Park" and "Tombstone" - This was a "Sophie's Choice" situation that I just couldn't handle. Both of these are in my top 10 favorite movies ever. I can't choose and you can't make me.

1994 - "The Shawshank Redemption" - There are some GREAT movies from 1994 ("Forrest Gump" is not one of them, by the way) but "Shawshank" is my continual choice for "Best Movie Of All Time" and I imagine I will argue that to my grave.

1995 - "Heat" - Tough three way race here between "Heat," "Braveheart," and "Toy Story." "Heat" is almost a perfect movie, though, hard to go against.

1996 - "Independence Day" - Hey, this list is "favorite movies" not "best movies." This was the first real summer blockbuster that I was a part of.

1997 - "LA Confidential" - Noir classic that's exceedingly rewatchable.

1998 - "Saving Private Ryan" - Best war movie ever in my book. Each viewing brings me a new respect for this film and a renewed hatred for "Shakespeare in Love."

1999 - "Office Space" - A cult classic and one of the funniest movies I've ever seen.

2000 - "Almost Famous" - Gets almost no love anymore but very few movies make me happier than "AF." Top 10 favorite movie. Simply glorious.

2001 - "Ocean's 11" - I would wager that since I started purchasing DVDs about a decade ago, I haven't watched any movie as many times as I have "O11."

2002 - "Signs" - Totally underrated film that I still argue about with friends and family.

2003 - "Lord of the Rings" - I'm combining all three chapters of LOTR because really, they're all one giant, epic film, and anyway it wouldn't have been fun to list "Fellowship" in '01, "Towers" in '02, and "King" in '03, which is what I'd have to do otherwise.

2004 - "Anchorman" - Tough call between this and "The Incredibles," I just couldn't make a list of favorite movies without listing "Anchorman." The most rewatchable film of the decade.

2005 - "Serenity" - Sci-fi nerdiness aside, "Serenity" would be a really good action-comedy in its own right. Then you add in the "Firefly" mythos...so good.

2006 - "Casino Royale" - Not my favorite year in film but "Casino Royale" will always hold a special place in my heart for reinvigorating a stale James Bond series. Second place goes to "The Departed."

2007 - "Into the Wild" - Based upon what is probably my favorite non-fiction book, "Into the Wild" manages to crush me every time I watch it. Honorable mention to "No Country For Old Men," the Coen's masterpiece.

2008 - "Dark Knight" - Greatest superhero movie of all time.

2009 - "It Might Get Loud" - The only documentary to make the list, I am completely enthralled by "Loud" every time I watch. It just doesn't get much better than Jack White and Jimmy Page in the same room. Could have gone with "Star Trek" here, too, though.

2010 - "Inception" -  I don't think I will ever forget the feeling I had after seeing "Inception" for the first time. Complete and total genius.